Reading progress update: I've read 89 out of 422 pages.

The Waste Lands - Stephen King, Ned Dameron

Okay, wow -- I'd completely forgotten how fast The Waste Lands moves. King continues the character development we saw in the previous book, The Drawing of the Three while throwing in some of the most intense action sequences of his career -- Shardic the bear, anyone? 


Roland is going insane from the paradox he created for himself in the previous novel -- he prevented Jake from dying in the previous book, so he never met him in book one. However, he can still remember meeting and traveling with Jake, while also remembering NOT ever meeting the boy. These two seperate tracks of memories are driving him mad, and Roland asks of Eddie and Susannah -- imagine how Jake feels, remembering his own death?


How would that feel? 


Unfortunately, I won't be able to read again until later tonight and I was just getting to "Key and Rose", the section that details how Jake is dealing with the paradox that is his own existence. Fascinating stuff, for sure. I'll definitely read some more tonight before bed!