Reading progress update: I've read 52 out of 214 pages.

Other People We Married - Emma Straub

I've read three stories from Emma Straub's debut -- a story collection called OTHER PEOPLE WE MARRIED. Her style is wry and humorous, her stories (mostly) successful observations of the modern-day human condition. 


My thoughts on the stories so far: 


"Some People Must Really Fall In Love" -- my favorite in the collection so far. A 27-years-old college professor falls in love with one of her teenage students, and she tries dealing with this by going on a blind date with a man of appropriate age. I have no fault with this story, aside from wishing it was a little longer. (But that could be said of all these tales, and really, it's a good sign when the reader is left wanting more.) 5/5


"Rosemary" -- A lonely housewife consults a pet psychic in hopes of finding her lost cat. As a cat lover, I enjoyed this story but it feels more like a sketch for a short story than a fully formed tale. It's not bad, but Straub could have done a bit more with it. 3/5


"A Modern Map of Palm Springs" -- Two sisters who aren't very close try vacationing in Palm Springs together. One sister is successful with a husband and children, and the other is a less-wealthy stand-up comedian. Straub really shows off her dialogue skills in this one, and the sisters are perhaps the most fleshed-out characters seen in this collection so far. 5/5