The Stephen King Reread Ground Rules

As I said last night, I am currently reading the first novel in my great Stephen King reread. It's going well, and you guys can expect a review to be posted in the next day or so. :) 


Piggy-backing off that, I thought it would be good to write a brief post about what I will and will not be covering in this reread series. 


I will be, of course, covering King's published works in chronological order. I don't plan to finish any time soon; I am going to sit back and enjoy the ride. My idea is to read and review a King novel every two-four weeks. I don't want to overload myself and get worn down by the whole thing, so I think  giving myself a little time between each novel is very necessary. I might go two months without continuing this series; I might do two reviews in one week. I can be rather erratic when it comes to what I decide to read despite my best efforts to plan ahead. However, expect two-four weeks between each read. 


I will be covering each Bachman book as they were published -- e.g., Rage after The Shining


I will reread and review Storm of the Century but I won't be doing King's other screenplays. 


I will include the short story and novella collections. 


I am undecided on King's non-fiction books, but as of this moment I am leaning toward not including them. They're great stuff but I prefer reviewing/discussing fiction. 


Blockade Billy or any of King's baseball-related works ("Head Down" and The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon aside) will not be included. 


I don't plan to cover King's e-books. Most of the recent ones will be part of the upcoming collection The Bazaar of Bad Dreams so I'll discuss them then. 


Speaking of new releases, I will be going out of order when Finders KeepersThe Bazaar of Bad Dreams, and The Suicide Prince come out. New King novels get top priority. ;) 


The Dark Tower novels will not be included in the reread....but in a way they will. I am already halfway through that series, so I'll use the rest of those books as buffers. I plan to reread Wizard and Glass soon-ish. 


As of now, this is the list I am working from (and if some are out of order, please let me know!): 



'Salem's Lot

The Shining 


Night Shift 

The Stand (only reading the uncut edition) 

The Long Walk

The Dead Zone




The Running Man*

Different Seasons 


Pet Sematary

Cycle of the Werewolf*

The Talisman


Skeleton Crew 


The Eyes of the Dragon*


The Tommyknockers 

The Dark Half

Four Past Midnight

Needful Things 

Gerald's Game

Dolores Claiborne 

Nightmares and Dreamscapes


Rose Madder

The Green Mile


The Regulators

Bag of Bones 

Storm of the Century

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon 

Hearts in Atlantis 


Black House*

Everything's Eventual

From a Buick 8 

The Colorado Kid*


Lisey's Story


Duma Key 

Just Past Sunset 

Under the Dome

Full Dark No Stars 



Doctor Sleep

Mr. Mercedes



*Never read before!


If I've left anything out (and I probably have) or you see a mistake in the list let me know in the comments!