Poetry Post #2

Stern old watchman,
The sea melts - rocks jut
Stern watchman
Watchman with cracks and croaks
I am crying - at your door
I am crying - once more
Stern old watchman
Do you watch me?
In your lighthouse - cathedral!
Do you feel -
Do you empathize -
Stern, old
At your call I fall - my knees
At your fall I call
Watchman with wandering eyes
The sea whispers and
I have betrayed you - 




shaft of Light pouring through
(my window)
o shaft, o god of bright -
shining on me once more!

shaft of Light
iridescent and (bathing me)
o god - shining - finally!
(in my room)

the Light, unwavering -
the warmth and prickles
o god - o god of light
(may I never wake)