Reading progress update: I've read 43%.

A Necessary End: A Novel - A. Antonucci;B. Jr. Borelli;N.H. Brown;G. Cannon;H. Carmichael;J. Davis;Ch. Mitchel;O. Echols;Ch. Philips;C. Fran├žois;B. Holly;G. Jenkins;B. Kaempfert;J. Kander;G. Khoury;J. M. Lacalle;R. Morgan;L. Stock;J. Cavanaugh;N. Petty;B. Ram;Ren

I'm doing something I haven't done in a long time. I'm giving up on a book. 


I love what else I've read by this author, but this one is a go-nowhere loser with zero likable characters and no mystery or intrigue whatsoever. Yawn. Maybe it's my current mindset, but I somehow doubt it. I hate giving up on books, but I can't take 57% more. Nope. Just can't. 


Holly Brown, I still love ya. But I do not love A Necessary End.