The one time I post about politics

I know you are all probably sick of hearing about politics — I am, too. This election cycle has been interesting . . . to say the least. I'm only twenty years old, but I feel this is the most wonky and the most consequential election in many decades.


Anywho, I don't usually post about politics on here, but I had some thoughts I wanted to get out and didn't know where else to post them. But I wanted to post them somewhere, dig? So bear with me — this will be quick.


For a long time I felt the Bern. Ever since seeing him for the first time on Bill Maher's show back in fall 2014, Bernie Sanders deeply interested me. Naturally, I was ecstatic when he announced his candidacy. I always knew his chances were slim at best, but I thought he would inject a lot of meaningful stuff into the conversation . . . and he certainly has. He's pushed Hillary to the left, and I could never complain about that. Issues like money in politics and the minimum wage probably wouldn't have come up — on either side — without his being in the race, I reckon.


I donated money to the Sanders campaign. I attended a rally. I kept up with the polls on the daily. I posted memes and videos on my Facebook ad nauseum, leading to more than one person deleting me. Ah, such is life.


Then things began to go a little wrong. After a string of wins in late March and early April, Bernie's tone began to get increasingly bitter. His rhetoric against Hillary Clinton went beyond reasonable and informative into the land of bitter and inflammatory. He called her unqualified. He wrote off her record, her supporters, her experience, her platform. Now, keep in mind that I've never disliked Hillary — I simply liked Bernie a little more. I always knew if Hillary were to win the nomination, I would vote for her with no qualms.


My fellow Bernie supporters began to make me uncomfortable, as did Sanders himself. The protests against Clinton and Trump happened, as did the violence at various state conventions. I began to feel a disconnect from Sanders' movement . . . He was preaching love and progress, but wasn't controlling his violent and antagonistic supporters.


I began doing more in-depth research on Hillary Clinton than ever before, and was shocked that . . . Wow, I agreed with her more than I thought. She knows the levers of power in Washington (something that always lacked in Sanders and something that always concerned me). She's progressive, albeit she's much more pragmatic and gradual. Essentially, she's Obama part two, and . . . That's fine with me.


I began watching her interviews. Her speeches. I realized she just seems presidential. It wasn't just my growing distaste for Sanders that led me to her . . . It was my realization that she has actual policies (which you can check out on her website — they're very detailed) and proposals for implementing them. She will take the country forward, not back. She has the courage, the experience, the know-how. She has class and grace. She's seen the presidency through not one, but TWO, different perspectives. She will be able to do the job on day one, and do it well. I'm a little late to the party — I've only been here a few months, but it's been a nice time — but I am proud to say I'm with her!


Now, I know Hillary Clinton is a divisive figure. I get it. I didn't post this to antagonize anyone, or start an argument/debate. I've debated politics heavily for the last year, and I'm slowly becoming sick of it. I just wanted to post my thoughts somewhere, anywhere — so I did it here.