The Dark Tower - Stephen King

I began this reread of the Dark Tower series exactly two years ago. Before that, I had always sped through the series and finished feeling sad for not having taken my time. So, I did precisely that this go-around. I feel as though I actually took the journey to the Tower myself.


And now, the journey is over. Damn, it hurts.


It goes without saying that this novel deserves all the stars. It's the capstone to Stephen King's magnum opus: it wraps up one of the finest book series ever written, and it does the job splendidly. Yeah, it has issues (the meta stuff can be jarring as hell, but I love it anyway . . . and one word: Oy. Never forgiving you for that, Steve), but no work of fiction is objectively perfect. This book does what it's supposed to: it's the kiss-off for the ballsiest, most involving set of novels I've ever come across.


I feel at a loss for words, to be honest. I just finished this a few moments ago, and . . . well, this one always gets to me. That is especially true this time. I will miss the ka-tet, and I'm sure I will take this journey again in a year or two. There are always new things to discover and explore in King's Dark Tower universe.


This isn't the review this book deserves, but it will have to do. Say thankya, Sai King, for creating this series and characters (literally-- wink wink). I can't recommend the DT novels enough.