The Bedding of Boys - Edward Lorn

Read for "Serial Killer Spree:" The Bedding of Boys is the upcoming novel by Edward Lorn. I should say couple'a things before we get started, cool? I was a beta reader of this novel, meaning the copy I read and am reviewing now is not the final version. Because of that, I will keep this review purposefully vague as to not chance referencing something that doesn't end up in the final, published edition of this story. E. tells me The Bedding of Boys will likely see two revisions before publication. Said publication will be a limited hardcover that will come along in spring 2018. The ebook/paperback releases will be, at the very soonest, early 2019 — if at all. 

I'd like to say one more thing, may it do ya fine. Edward is a good friend of mine; his friendship means a lot to me. However, that did not color my opinion of the story in any way. I feel I can be honest with him, and I'm thankful for that. This review is totally my unobstructed and honest opinion. 

Alright. Holy moly, this book. Regina, this novel's antagonist, is a woman in her mid-thirties with an insatiable lust for young men. And she's a serial killer; she often kills her victims in gory, brutal ways. As far as villains of this sort go, I think she's interesting and I love the fact that she is a woman: female rapists aren't explored in fiction enough, in my opinion. Her stalking of victims and unabashed sexuality made for intense reading, often leaving me breathless. 

The story's heart is Nevada, fourteen-year-old gamer geek and Regina's latest focus. They soon develop a relationship of sorts, and it is this strange and thrilling and unashamedly erotic development that serves as the crux of this novel. Where does it go? How does it end? Read and find out! 

Edward tells me this novel is his exploration of male sexuality, and I would say it's a successful one. Lorn is not afraid to write brutal honesty: he captures the teenage boys in their truest essence, reader's offenses be damned. The friendship of Nevada and Tommy was my favorite part to read, though I did enjoy Regina and the intriguing "ghost," too. 

I do have a few complaints, though they are rather minuscule and, again, these problems could certainly be ironed out before this novel's publication. I wish the budding, strange romance between Nevada and Regina would have been expanded some; it all feels a bit rushed. I'm not saying I personally enjoyed the relationship — rape is as unpleasant to me as it is anyone else — but it was highly intriguing. I just wanted more, that's all. Really, that could go for novel as a whole: I wish it were longer. 

A sickening and horrific and erotic thrill ride, I'm glad to have started my Halloween Bingo off with The Bedding of Boys. And thank you, E, for letting me be a beta reader!