Little Fires Everywhere - Celeste Ng

Unless I read something world-shattering between now and December 31, this will be my book of the year. A high-octane literary tale of the highest order, Celeste Ng tackles heady topics like racism and classism and morality and societal rebellion in smart, tactful strikes.


Like the best literary fiction, this one unfurls slowly while keeping the reader totally engaged. I read this one in two sittings, my mouth agape and my hair on fire. More than once Ng pulled the rug out from under me; the characters she has created are ones the reader can root and mourn for. Several revelations here have the power to delight, shock, and upset.


A beautifully told tale about a wandering artist, her daughter, and the upscale family they become close with, this is an honest, heartbreaking look at motherhood and identity and suburbia. I am in awe of Celeste Ng — it’s that simple. And I will be picking up her debut novel posthaste. Highly recommended to all readers.