THE DRY Review

The Dry - Jane Harper

As I read this, Jane Harper’s debut novel, I struggled with how I wanted to rate it. It would grab me and lose me, grab me and lose me . . . I found myself skimming for chapters at a time, and then totally intrigued for a while. Talk about an uneven reading experience!


This is filled with elements I typically like in novels: at its heart is a seemingly unsolvable murder case, which happened in a small town filled with secrets. Federal Agent Aaron Falk — raised in the town — has returned after some twenty years, as it was a childhood friend involved in the murder and he, Aaron, wants to check things out. The Dry is very much about memory and growing up and life in a small town. All stuff I usually love, but for some reason it just didn’t click for me here. Maybe it’s me, where I’m at right now. Maybe I’ll reread this in a year or two and find I like it.


This novel is easily readable and has just enough hooks to keep the reader involved. I didn’t much care for it, but it isn’t without merit. Just not my cup of tea (for now).