The Witching Hour  - Anne Rice

The whole time I was reading this 1,000+ page epic, a thought continuously ran through my head: “This is Anne Rice’s IT.” The subjects of The Witching Hour and Stephen King’s horror novel couldn’t be more different, but the writing style is quite similar. In this, surely the New Orleans author’s magnum opus, a time span of three centuries is covered; this is the quintessential generational saga.


The Mayfair family has a sordid, macabre past, and the center of it all is the large plantation home in New Orleans that has been passed down in the witch clan through the years. The largest chunk — and the most intriguing section — of this novel is concerned with the Mayfair history, which Rice details in lush, evocative detail. Against this is a forward-moving narrative set in the present day about Rowan Mayfair, the most powerful witch yet, coming home to New Orleans. I absolutely loved Rowan. Michael—the man she comes to have an interesting relationship with—too. Their arc is an erotic and enlightening journey into the mysterious.


The first book in the Mayfair Witches trilogy, this is my favorite Anne Rice novel as of now, and I expect to read the sequel soon. Highly recommended!