Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine - Gail Honeyman

Eleanor Oliphant is a woman who lives by rigorous schedule: work, frozen pizza and vodka on the weekends, and calls from Mummy on Wednesdays. She is deeply lonely, though she does not realize it — she is a person of solitude, introversion to an extreme degree.


This is the kind of novel I needed right now. After the heaviness of Salvage the Bones, I was looking for something a bit lighter and fluffier. Gail Honeyman’s debut novel is just that. While not particularly compelling or memorable, this is an efficient story that tackles mental illness in some interesting, unpredictable ways. Eleanor herself is a fine first-person protagonist; Honeyman mixes this character’s humor and self-loathing well, not allowing either one to overtake the narrative.


This is a likable enough read—especially for those who struggle with loneliness and fitting in. A tale of tenderness and self-discovery, Eleanor Oliphant’s journey is one worth taking.