Jack Holmes and His Friend - Edmund White

I was not aware of this book or author until a few weeks ago. I, by chance, came across a John Irving interview in which he recommended a few novels — Jack Holmes and His Friend among them. I decided to take a chance.


White’s narrative of unrequited love and coming of age in the Big Apple is as poignant and elegant as any I’ve read; Jack and Will’s friendship is one of real density and weight, and is sure to break the reader’s heart before putting it back together again.


White seems to have a talent for writing the electricity that exists in human contact — contact between males, especially. These characters, perilously perched on the precipice of chaos, are real and whole and angst-ridden and filled with real desires for real love, real safety. This one hurt, as it spoke to where I’m at now.


I already have several of White’s earlier novels coming in the mail and will read them soon.