About Me

Hello, Internet people! As you can tell, my name is Cody. Nice to meet you *e-handshake*


- I am 20. I'm not sure if my age is relevant (I don't think it is), but there it is. 


- I'm currently a college student. I am majoring in secondary education and English. My dream job is teaching English and literature to high-schoolers, impacting their lives in positive ways, much like the best teachers I've had over the years. 


- I would also like to be a published author. I write fiction and poetry, but don't tend to let others read a whole lot of it unless I am very confident in what I've created. 


- I was born and raised in north Alabama. I don't like it here, but don't plan to move until I'm done with college and have at least a few years of teaching under my belt. I'd love to live in New England -- specifically, New Hampshire or Maine. 


- I am not very picky when it comes to what I read -- in fact, my goal for 2015 is to read AT LEAST fifteen authors I've never read before. I'm pretty far into that goal already, so I might have to raise it to 25 or 30 new authors. Seriously though... I'll read almost anything once. 


- As I just said, I like to read almost anything, and I'm constantly looking for new authors to try. If you have any recommendations, feel free to drop 'em in my inbox! 


- I am a cat person, and have three furry friends.


That's all for now, but I might add on to this later. Happy reading!