New Stephen King book cover

Stephen King's Facebook account shared this photo and it's now on his website, so I guess it's okay for me to share it here. 


Lo and behold, the cover for End of Watch



A few thoughts: 


- I hate that whoever designed this cover didn't stick with white background/running blood motif of its two predecessors in this trilogy.


- This really, really reminds me of my biology textbook. 


- What will fish and/or the ocean have to do with the story? I am very intrigued about that. 


- This cover looks sort of hastily done, but I think it'll grab more attention from potential buyers in stores than the last few King book covers. A book's cover is all about getting attention, I say. The artwork is supposed to sell the novel, and I think this one will do just fine. 


I like this cover, but I don't love it.