As You Wish - Chelsea Sedoti

Release date: 01.02.18

DNF at 32% (Though I did skip to the final chapter to see how things ended.) 

Jesus Christ, this was the worst book I've tried to read in a long time. Maybe young adult fiction is not for me anymore? I don't know. This book is set in a small town in the desert, near Area 51. Nothing much goes on in said town, except for the occasional tourist on his or her way to find aliens. Oh, and everyone in town can make one wish that comes true on their eighteenth birthday. Why? "It just happens," one character says. "There isn't a reason." 

This book is so damn lazy. The characters are drawn in the broadest of strokes, and the main character (Eldon? Ellwan? I don't know) is the worst. He's a total brute: insensitive to the point of being cruel for no real reason other than his girlfriend left him for a guy he — said MC — plays with on the football team. That's . . . it, basically. And the fact that he was once the best on the football team but no longer is due to other players' wishes making them better has him down, too. So there's a lot of generic teenage angst and confusion about the future, which is okay . . . if written well. It's not, here. This main character is mean to his friends, his parents, everyone. And yet, he constantly reminds the reader that he's super hot and can have sex with any girl he wants. Yay, character development? 

32% is more than fair, I think. This book is flaming trash and may no one pay full price for this turd when it comes out in January. 

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC, which was given for free in exchange for an honest review. This is it. Sorry your book sucks so much, but at least the cover is cool.