The Omen - David Seltzer

The movie adaptation of this short novel is synonymous with classic horror (and, somehow, I’ve yet to see it); the novel itself is worth a look, too. A quick and breezy ride into the occult and the destruction of a wealthy, famous family, there is a reason this story has been well-regarded for four decades and counting.


This is ‘70s Horror through and through. Expect not any major gore or jump scares. This narrative gnaws at the reader’s mind and begs the question: “What would YOU do if you suspected your son was the anti-Christ?” There are a few strange occurrences and a couple minor gross-out moments, but on the whole this story plays in a minor key. I could have done with a bit more character development, but what is here is fine. I found myself getting a little bored at times, but on the whole I would consider this a successful horror novel. Now to see the movie.


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