The Getaway (Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book 12) - Jeff Kinney

The latest entry in this long-running kid’s fiction series sees the Heffley family vacationing at a tropical island resort during Christmastime. As is expected from Kinney’s bestselling books, things go horribly — and are narrated by middle son Greg, i.e. the “Wimpy Kid.”


It’s really no secret this series has declined in quality in recent years, but I did enjoy The Getaway. As far as Heffley vacations go, it’s certainly no The Long Haul, but it does yield several laugh out loud moments. This series now seems to be at its best when it sees the family going somewhere. Kinney seems to have exhausted all plot ideas involving these characters hanging out at home.


A perfectly fine addition to the Wimpy Kid series, this doesn’t quite reach the heights of the early entries but it’s an enjoyable ride all the same.